Creating a User Profile

You can share the data analysis area of your expertise with other users by entering your detailed profile and links to reports.

1. Creating a User Profile

a. Click the user icon at the top left of the screen from the top page of D-Ocean SDP.

b. Click the [Edit] button, enter your profile text and any tag, and click the [Submit] button to save the input information.

c. You can change the user icon to any image by clicking the camera icon.

Note :

  • If you have changed the user icon, it may take some minutes before the change is applied.

2. Adding an External Link

a. Click the [Add Link] button at the right end of the screen.

b. Enter the following information and add an external link.

      • Title: Link title
      • Link: External URL

3. Displaying Popular Entities

a. The three most popular public entities with the largest numbers of votes owned by the user are displayed under the Private/Public profile for the user.

b. The top three entities are aggregated every hour.