Exporting an Entity

Exporting an Entity

This section describes how to export an entity from D-Ocean SDP. If you need to perform advanced data analysis processing that is not possible in D-Ocean SDP, you can export an entity to an external data store and perform analysis using a business intelligence tool, etc.


  • A valid data source has been created
  • Area to store data exported to an external data source

Selecting an Entity to Be Exported

a. Open the [MY ENTITIES] tab from the top page of D-Ocean SDP and click the [>] button at the bottom right of the screen.

b. Select the data source to which you want to export the entity.

c. Select the entity to be exported from [Entities] and click the [Submit] button. 。

d. If the export is successful, the data is output to the external data source.

Note :

  • Only the entities in the [MY ENTITIES] can be exported.