Creating an Object Entity

Creating an Object Entity

This section describes how to upload any file as an object entity.

Creating a New Entity

a. Open the MY ENTITIES tab from the top page of D-Ocean SDP and click the [+] button at the bottom right of the screen.

b. Select “Object File.”

c. Enter the following information that is required to create an entity.

Entity name: Name of the entity

Description: Entity description

Tag: Used for search

Data file: Object file uploaded via a browser

d. When the upload of the object file is completed, click the [Submit] button to create an entity.

Note :

    • The maximum object file size that can be uploaded at one time is 1 GB.

Downloading an Object Entity

a. Display the entity list in any scope (MY ENTITIES, GROUP, or PUBLIC) from the top page of D-Ocean SDP.

b. Click the target entity name.

c. Click the [Download] button on the details screen of the entity to download an object file.