Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Connecting to Google Cloud Pub/Sub


  • Google Cloud Platform project
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic for which the access right can be set

1. Checking the IAM User

a. Click the profile image on the navigation bar. 。

b. Copy the value of the IAM user displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Setting the IAM User

a. Access Google Cloud Pub/Sub and display the topic list from Topics.

b. Click [Permissions] from the target topic menu.

c. Paste the IAM user you copied in 1 into the text field under “Add members.”

d. Select the “Pub/Sub Subscriber” role under Pub/Sub and click the [Add] button to set the access right.

3. Creating a Data Source

a. Return to the profile screen of D-Ocean SDP and click the [Add DataSources] button in Cloud DataSources.

b. Enter the data source information below and click the [Submit] button.

Name: Data source name

Accessible by other users: Select the domain name if you want to allow other users in the same domain to access the same data source.

Products: Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Project ID: Target GCP project ID

Topic name : トピック名