Google BigQuery

Connecting to Google BigQuery


  • Google Cloud Platform project
  • Google BigQuery dataset for which the access right can be set

1. Checking the IAM User

a. Click the profile image on the navigation bar.

b. Copy the value of the IAM user displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

2. Setting the IAM User

a. Access Classic UI in Google BigQuery and display the datasets to be imported or exported.

b. Right-click the target dataset and select “Share dataset.”

c. Paste the IAM user you copied in the previous step and click [Add] while “Can edit” is selected.

d. Finally, save the changes by clicking [Save changes].

3. Creating a Data Source

a. Return to the profile screen of D-Ocean SDP and click the [Add DataSources] button in Cloud DataSources.

b. Enter the data source information below and click the [Submit] button.

Name : Data source name

Accessible by other users : Select the domain name if you want to allow other users in the same domain to access the same data source.

Products : Google BigQuery

Project ID : Target GCP project ID

Dataset ID : ID of the dataset

Note :

  • You can execute import and export within Google BigQuery across the regions.