D-Ocean Social Data Platform(SDP)

Technical Guide


D-Ocean Social Data Platform (SDP) is a service designed to facilitate sharing data in the social network environment. D-Ocean SDP provides three major benefits for users and companies.

  • Sharing data (in the public domain or within a group)
  • Interaction between data scientists and companies
  • Requests for data collection and analysis

You can log in to D-Ocean SDP through your browser (*1) using an account of the following services.

  • Facebook
  • Github(*2)
  • Google(Gmail or G Suite account)

*1 Please use the Chrome or Firefox browser. *2 If your GitHub account belongs to an organization, you need an OAuth access token.

The following chapters describe how to operate D-Ocean SDP.

  1. Data Source Management
  2. Use as a Social Network
  3. Entity Management
  4. Manipulating Data
  5. Request Management

D-Ocean Social Data Platform Release Notes